Kevin Sims is a percussionist, multi-instrumentalist, composer and flimmaker living in Aaronsburg, Pennsylvania.

Kevin’s recent work includes the multimedia documentary projects Battle Hymn of the Public (released on Orb Tapes) and Our Sense of the Real; a collaboration with composer Scott Wollschleger and poet Abby Minor on a percussion monodrama titled We Have Taken and Eaten; the founding and organizing of Open Music, which is a concert series and ensemble; and being one half, along with James Searfoss, of the noise-improvisation duo Moth Bucket.

Since leaving New York for Pennsylvania in 2011, Kevin has been studying the intersections between avant-garde music and politics. This study has revealed music, art making, and politics to be wide-spread and everyday social practices rather than professional specialties. Each of these practices lives as much from caring for the social situation in which it brews as for the development of its material. Kevin has been led on this study by the work of many artists and thinkers, most notably the visual artist and founding Situationist Asger Jorn; pianist, composer and band leader Sun Ra; poet and philosopher Fred Moten; and the polyrhythmic political theorizing of Hannah Arendt.

Kevin studied percussion at Manhattan School of Music in New York and on a DAAD fellowship at the Musikhochsch├╝le Freiburg in southwestern Germany. Kevin was a founding member of the contemporary music ensemble Red Light New Music in New York, and of the international percussion group Ensemble XII.


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